“A contemporary artist, utilizing mixed media as a tangible expression of her combined love for art and music.”

A juxtaposition of the abstract and definitive, Gwen’s art brings the visually tactile reminder of the timeless permanence of musical composition together with the fluid motion of acrylic paint in textural form. Each painting, regardless of whether the beauty of the written note makes its way to her canvas, is structured by a harmony of color and sound.



From a very young age, I knew I wanted to become an artist. Over the course of my life, my definition of artist grew from oil and acrylic to include musical artist as well. After graduating from California State University Bakersfield with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I followed my passion to pursue my creative voice in the combined media of acrylic and musical art. I believe music should be experienced and celebrated visually as well as in an auditory form as it lends a healing frequency and unique beauty to our world.

I am inspired by my faith. My process always begins with prayer and is driven by music. I compose a song on the piano and then see where it leads on the canvas, and a new series is born. This creative journey has contributed an element of healing, first from pseudo obstruction motility disorder and currently as I navigate through Lyme disease. It is this inspired place of peace and creativity where I find my strength and joy.

My goal is to be continually growing and challenging myself to be something greater. To love with kindness and absence of judgment, be selfless and fully aware of my many blessings. My hope through my art is to share the gift of peace and ultimately express the truth that all have value, beauty, and purpose in this world.